• Empowering communities

    RE2COIN™, World Class - Real Estate investment open and transparent for the people


    •RE2COIN™ is an Ethereum blockchain based cryptocurrency used to invest into large world class real estate development projects & deals that happen in our cities.

    Our goal is to work with cities where we invest in and give communities access to a transparent platform that will allow citizens to gain financial benefits from the large real estate projects legally allowed to be developed in our counties.

    • Large residential, hospitality and retail real estate deals 

    •RE2COIN™ investors will be able to have access to equity participation in large real estate transactions showcased in the RE2COIN™platform using RE2´s exclusively.

    Stable, debt-free, electronic certificates with immediate worldwide transfer and settlement capabilities. 

    •RE2COIN™ aims to be a fully regulated cryptocurrency for the real estate industry.

    KYC and AML compliant real estate crypto. Making these real estate investment tokens fully transparent and secure.

    •RE2COIN™ has a world class management team behind it.  Top experienced professionals and global leaders from all continents representing all cultures. Experts in technology, real estate & finance.

    How You’re Protected with RE2COIN™ ?


    •RE2COIN™ is working on being under a fully blockchain regulated framework.

    •Transparency, security, compliance, due diligence and financial success are our management priorities.

    •An extensive detailed real estate deal due diligence evaluation process based on market conditions, property assesment and development team.

    •Each real estate project / deal will have a detailed investment summary with the projected returns and estimated timeline. 

    •All our real estate deals will be audited by KPMG, Deloitte, Ernst & Young (EY) and/or PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) depending on the Project, location and availability. All audits to be posted online.

    •RE2COIN™ is vertically integrated; we are partners and co-developers in every project. This ensures accountability from our development partners on behalf of our investors.

    Why RE2COIN™ ?

    RE2COIN™ digital currency allow global citizens to invest in a methodically selected portfolio of world class real estate development deals and assets, managed by experienced professionals with excellent track record. 

    These real estate deals have been reserved for decades to a very exclusive group of investors. These investments provide excess of returns opportunities. 

    RE2COIN™ platform  will simply make these deals available to qualified investors at their own investment capabilities in a safe and transparent blockchain environment.

      RE2COIN™ prioritize our commitment to our investors. In our typical waterfall structure, we do not reap benefits until RE2COIN´s investors have received their initial capital and their preferred return.


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